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We are under massive attack in the Alternative Media. The powers that be know of our ability to beat their failed mainstream media establishments LIE apparatus and barrage of disinformation on their 24 hour fake news networks.  Their attempts to brainwash the American people in mass have failed we are awake to their false flags now thanks to media sources like EXPOSEDNews.

Because of this we are under massive attack on Youtube. The globalist combine seeks to censor free and independent press outlets such as EXPOSEDNews and many others in hopes of eventually bringing Chinese style censorship to America.We will do our best to keep our followers informed. We will focus our attention on our other outlets here at ExposedNews such as our wordpress sites before its news page, Facebook etc to continue to reach our audience. For now it seems that Youtube has been compromised by the New World Order. This does not mean the end for EXPOSED merely a detour we have to take as the Elite are afraid of our ability to make viral news and videos. Please check us out on twitter @ExposedNews1 and keep up with us here for all the latest news and information.



Thank You


Bruce Montalvo


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