Gingrich Invites Donald Trump To Bohemian Grove

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.00.49 PM.png

The Fascist Fucks Are Ready To Take America To War !

Could it get anymore Fascist than this bunch of Neo Libtards? It’s clear Donald is throwing in the towel and bending over to let Shillary Rotten Clinton rape him While probably still funding her campaign. It’s as if the Trump campaign has been managed by Don King from the start. This recent headline “Donald Trump coming – with Newt Gingrich” Sounds like some perverted invitation to Bohemian Grove. The sycophant’s celebrations start July 14, 2016. I’m sure Bill Clinton will be “coming” there as well gallivanting nude around “Moloch”the owl with the rest of the Illuminati degenerates including Trump.

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