Dumbass Obama Forgets America’s Age

Slight fumble: President Obama had to take a moment and think how old the United States was on Wednesday night while delivering a speech at the University of Nebraska in Omaha
Stoned Obama fumbles America’s age

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President Barack Obama had trouble on Wednesday working out the math to determine the age of the country he has led for the last seven years, stammering that the United States is 250 years old.

The Second Continental Congress declared the independence of the U.S. in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 – in the Declaration of Independence – making the country a hair older than 239-and-a-half.

Speaking at the University of Nebraska Omaha a day after his final State of the Union address to Congress, Obama complained that some Republicans in the audience failed to applaud when he insisted America is the world’s strongest and most powerful nation.

‘I mean, I understand why they wouldn’t want to give me credit for it – which is true,’ he said.


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