Masonic American Caliphate Exposed: False Flag Terror Hoax Propaganda Set To Take Your Guns ?

Outside of the San Bernardino Mason Lodge

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Inside of the San Bernardino Mason Lodge

San Bernardino Masonic Lodge #178   It looks like “Mosques” aren’t the problem it’s the Freemasons who planned this in their Masonic lodge , because it’s their goal to enslave the non Mason ! This wasn’t a Muslim Terror attack this was a Masonic Terror attack.



Masonic False Flag Propaganda: Look how the Masons mock the masses as they send a subliminal message of their involvement in the mass shooting drill live on KCAL 9 news which is part of CBS “Eyeball News”


Early eye witness reports stated that 3 “White Men” dressed in tactical gear were spotted at the scene of the County Health Care facility in San Bernardino that was supposedly under attack. Where the three “assailants” Blackwater XE Services CIA contract mercenaries?  FBI gathered up the patsies, ATF coordinated the, hordes of Masonic police and Army Psyop provocateurs came in from out of town to promote the propaganda !

The media has said nothing of the victims in the hospital or interviewed any doctors or first responders in any hospital in San Bernardino. Was anyone actually killed?



The SBPD SWAT team was training nearby when the call came in of multiple shots fired just before 11 a.m. local time, Lieutenant Richard Lawhead told KTLA. They were already suited up and “ready to roll,” which is why they were able to respond so quickly. 


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