San Bernadino Muslim Patsy’s Are Dummies Not Real Humans ?


This really is a dummy, with mere silicone and latex as its substance rather than actual human flesh. This is indisputable evidence that the San Bernardino ‘mass shooting’ is nothing other than a hoax and a fraud, a scam to the most extreme degree: rather than a false flag a mere hoax, though a treacherous one meant to spread corruption in the land.

An image is also shown, here. How did he get from the side of the curb to the center of the road without there being a blood trail to follow? Also, does that red matter look nothing like real blood but, rather, like fake blood, the type of tempura paint?

(Graphic content: Click here)

The red matter next to the vehicle has no correlation with that seen, here, of the imagery next to the curb. It is believed, however, that this is a live Farooq and that he is an element in the staging.

Here is what one of our posters had to say about the arch-phony staging and hoaxing:

The ENTIRE event is a gigantic fraud upon the world.

Why isn’t the media asking ONE basic question: “where is the female deceased?”

In its futile attempt to make the event believable, the media’s version contains elements that is very simple to disprove. Take for example the following sentences:

“According to police, the couple donned themselves with assault rifles…”

“According to some reports, the duo had GoPro cameras strapped to their body armor…”

Then, there was supposedly a “violent shootout on a RESIDENTIAL street in Redlands.”

All of this is part of the script, all part of the phony fake show. The phrase “according to police” is vague and ambiguous. Which police? Who said they had GoPro cameras? Where is the evidence? If there was a violent shootout, where are witnesses who can verify with their call phone cameras?

In these scripted events, the media first sells the world on the foundation lie, as in the foundation part of a pyramid. This is the base lie that must be accepted by the masses as fact. The base lie here can be summarized in a few sentences:

“Shooters storm a holiday party, killing 14 and injuring 21. One male and one female, both Muslim, storm off in a black SUV, killed by police in a shootout. Third suspect detained.”

Once the sheep have been duped by the foundation lie, then the media can provide an unlimited amount of ornaments to support its foundation. Ornaments are just additional lies. However, when it becomes abundantly clear that the foundation lie is exposed, then the ENTIRE pyramid of lies collapses.

EVERY statement made by a supposed “witness” on television is HEARSAY and thus not admissible in court. But there will be no witnesses called to court and provide testimony under penalty of perjury, because there will be no jury trial, since all the fake shooters are fake dead.

The people of San Bernadino attending the vigil are just brain dead sheep who blindly accept what they see on their television sets.

Why doesn’t the media go and speak to the supposed victims at the hospital who are only “wounded” and thus would be able to give a first hand account on what happened. Again, where is the cell phone footage, where is the CCTV footage of the SUV arriving and/or escaping the scene from the nearby traffic cameras?

The scam remains the same:

1. Fake shooting
2. Fake wounded
3. Fake dead
4. Fake relatives



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