ISIS V.S. Anonymous CIA Fabricated Fight Exposed


The populace does not realize that the Anonymous hacker group is run operated and comprised of Army PSYOPS, NSA & CIA. The provocative language toward ISIS is nothing more than political posturing, Anonymous has declared a “cyber war” on ISIS after the Paris attacks on Friday, yeah right Anon knows how to eliminate ISIS twitter accounts because they are the ones who are running them.
Anon groups have even posed as ISIS style hackers in the past and taken down alternative media websites such as I was being attacked by these very scum that claim they are “Truthers” when in reality they serve the military industrial complex fully infiltrating the populace domestically both on the net and our neighborhoods.
Ask yourself this can you really trust a shadowy hacker group such as Anonymous who are looking to honeypot, target and end internet anonymity despite their name Anonymous, but more than that the Mask that hides the cowardly faces of these government agents is owned by New World Order tycoon, eugenicist  Ted Turner. Anon is not at war with ISIS they are working together with ISIS under the CIA’s black budget.

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