ISIS Threatning U.S. City’s In Wake Of Paris Attack

Whenever the CIA is not making Muslim posers, pose with a Jesuit written Koran in one hand and a ISIS flag in another. The government made towel heads are allowed to orchestrate terror attacks with PS4 consoles and threaten American lives the following day . I guess that’s why Uncle Sam keeps sending ISIS brand new Toyota’s cause they sound like a fun loving group of fascist throwbacks.

These “Terrorists” we call ISIS  are not as religious as they say, and if they are “religious” they are more likely to be borderline Luceferians but that make’s sense as the religion they advocate is a religion of LIES, created by the Jesuit Order !

In reality the Arabic community is being targeted as extremist when it’s the very criminally corrupt U.S. Government that arms and creates extremists.  Manufacturing “Terrorists” for the purpose of constant perpetual war !

In New York you could feel the Government begin to bolster up 911 nostalgia immediately following the attack in Paris, the American proxy group “ISIS”delivered chilling messages via social media concerning pending attacks on U.S. soil like in Washington DC, New York, L.A. all who dawned the French colors on it’s iconic buildings. LAX alone has a Record 2.1 Million Passengers Expected To Travel Through LAX During Thanksgiving Week could ISIS stir up another false flag there ?

The rhetoric by these Wahhabi CIA lead barbarians, plays right into the hands of the New World Order, as they continue to use Gladio style attacks on unsuspecting populations to coerce the people of said Governments to relinquish their civil liberties to that pertaining government. This is exactly what is going on with the Paris Attacks.

The attack in Paris was a PSYOP, propaganda meant to start a undeclared unconstitutional war in Syria with a manufactured enemy. This attack comes right outta Hitlers playbook.

I say this because the French President Hollande immediately following the attacks stated that France was at war with ISIS and waged a bombing campaign in Syria the very next day similar to what Bush did on 911 with Iraq and Hitler did with the Reichstag fire and Poland. The French have been bombing ISIS since late 2014 using the stealth F-22 Raptor fighter jets.


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