Star Wars Villains Nazis ?

After all, Stormtroopers were inspired by the Nazi Stormtroopers; the Great Jedi Purge alludes to the Holocaust. Planets Kessel, Hoth and Tatooine (Tataouine was a WWII arena of war) are also WWII references. And there’s more.

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So what about “The Force Awakens?”

Here’s what we know: The villains in the upcoming sequel are Supreme Leader Snoke (played by the amazing Andy Serkis) and his minion (we assume!) Kylo Ren (played by ‘Girls” Adam Driver). In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, J.J Abrams elaborated on the villains’ origins:

Yet it that seems that unlike George Lucas, who alludes to actual events, Jewish director J.J Abrams was inspired by a hypothetical dystopian world, in which the Nazis who escaped Germany “rise again” and try to finish Hitler’s job:

That sounds scary! And awesome. Will this be a “Star Wars” meets “Inglorious Basterds” type thing?


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