Have the United Nations taken over Jade Helm operations ?


Have the United Nations taken over Jade Helm operations ?

Was this the Military’s intention all along?

The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States as noted in the summer of 2014. Under the guise of the Central American illegal immigrant invasion of 2014, the United Nations has used this event as well as the Ebola hoax to scare the populace and to infiltrate its military hardware inside the United States.


Hard Evidence of UN Military Action On American Soil

UN Military vehicles were seen on trains going through Tehachapi Ca. The trains are always headed west, along with two sited convoys on California State Highway 58, which are also headed west. A Massive amount of UN Military Vehicles were Spotted On Train.

It was also reported that a massive shipment of United Nations military equipment made it’s way through the heartland of America outside of Wheatland, Illinois. Outside of Jacksonville, FL. a sheer number of UN vehicles were repressively seen.

There has been Domestic Participation and Absorption of US Military Units Into the UN Military Command and now the new version of REX 84 is preparing to master the new Nazi homeland the United States of America !


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