MTV Admits to Brainwashing Mentally Enslaved Audience

Miley Cyrus and her crew of dancers sport eye of horus patches on their wardrobe !

Remember how we debated and then ultimately proved that the Illuminati were definitely pulling the strings at last year’s Video Music Awards? Well, make no mistake: the ‘nati were back and weirder than ever at the Miley Cyrus-hosted bash Sunday night.

For those who need a little history lesson, let’s go over it real quick: the Illuminati are legit, y’all. Established in 1776 (according to Wikipedia), they’re basically a not-so-secret society comprised of influential people whose objective is to create a New World Order that’s conspiring to rule the world through a totalitarian one-world government. In simple terms? They’re elitists who wanna run s—t.

Now, the thing about the ‘nati is that even though they’re (sort of) a secret society, their satanic agenda is actually pretty visible, thanks to a bunch of occult symbolism and subliminal messages that are used in music and movies to control the masses. Soooo, yeah, the much-hyped and widely-watched VMAs are basically the perfect place for them to brainwash us all.


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