WDBJ-TV Virginia Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors Gun Control Exposed

ROWDYVirginiaWas the WDBJ-TV reporter shooting a LIVE staged reenactment of John Carpenters 1988 film They Live? The strange synchronicity between the movie and the event in Virgina has revealed many anomalies.


The killer’s hand was white. The original video leaves no doubt about that as you can clearly see the killer was not black. The flash from the gun looks edited with the supposed “killer” wearing the same style shirt as Piper in They Live.


Bruce and Jah Jah expose the Virginia gun grabbing psyop in the latest episode of “The Bruce Montalvo Show”


they_live_third_eye_glasses_resistance2010How many MKULTRA killers and patsy’s in the past have gone by the name “Lee” There was Lee Harvey Oswald, Jared Lee Loughner recently and now you have Vester Lee Flanagan who went by the name of Bryce Williams.

There are more anomalies between the film and the Virginia shooting as the “Killer” Flanagan is wearing the same alien sun glasses as Rowdy Piper and his Black sidekick. It’s interesting to note that in “They Live” Piper and his sidekick were going around shooting alien oligarchs disguised as humans specifically TV anchors !


The WDBJ-TV shooting psyop is of course being used to propagate the Illuminati gun control agenda in the media. It’s clear that Fox News Bimbo at 11 Megyn Kelly interviewed crisis actors. Crisis actors who instead of mourning their lost loved ones are giving speeches about gun control before the toe tags are put on the body’s. The fact that these “family members” just decided to take up the social justice torch instead of mourning their “loved ones” to make gun control their main objectives in life is certainly strange behavior to exhibit after the loss of a loved one. The shooting is already being exploited by blood sucking politicians like Hilary Clinton who is calling for gun legislation in the wake of these recent events. Were the WDBJ-TV reporters used as props to bring in Gun Control ?

Why did the boyfriend of the supposedly slain WDBJ reporter Chris Hurst tweet about his girlfriends death at 6:31 a.m, 15 minutes before the two reporters were killed? Look at the tweet here  https://twitter.com/chrishurstwdbj/status/636531364356063232.

WDBJ-TV anchors Alison Parker and Adam Ward were  just interns at the local CBS station before the “killing” so the question is why are the crisis actors pretending that the two have a long body of work in journalism?


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