George Soros Working with Jay Z & Prince Hall Masons to Start The Coming Civil War

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.49.29 PMcrowley1Jay Z has stated that he owes everything in his life to his reverence of the Crossroads deity Rainman who he admits has possessed him at times, and that he admires 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason Aleister Crowley .

Jay Z is no civil rights activist he is a Prince Hall Boule Mason working with the CIA to orchestrate the next civil war in America.  The New York post reported that Jay Z wore a medallion that represents Black people as the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men as the devil, and this cult believes the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost and that only a small percentage of people understand the world .

article-2598174-1CE30B1E00000578-729_636x382Five Percent Nation ­medallion worn by Jay Z  at Barclays in Brooklyn.

Sources state that Jay Z and Beyoncé have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help bail out provocatuers in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., who could not pay for their bails !

roflbot-1Out of town agitators, FBI informants, 33 degree race pimps and the SPEC OPS/Blackwater  helped provocatuers burn down Ferguson a year ago, and they continue working together in a elaborate PSYOP to turn people of all races against each other to institute continuity of government operation like REX 84, Operation Urban Warrior and the recent Jade Helm 15 data mining operation.

Its clear George Soros and musicians like Jay Z are fueling the fire of hatred in places like Ferguson.

Liberal billionaire George Soros donated $33million to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint.

The handouts, revealed in tax filings from Soros’s private foundation, were given to dozens of different groups which weighed in on the crisis.

Organizers from professional groups in Washington, D.C., and New York were bussed into the Missouri town to co-ordinate messaging and lobby to news media to cover events using the billionaire’s funding.

The flood of donations were uncovered in an analysis of the latest tax return by Soros’s Open Society Foundations by the Washington Times.

The cash was reportedly funneled into keeping up numbers of protesters in the community over a period of months by bringing in outside activists.

Meanwhile papers from think tanks were disseminated to bring in extra coverage of the civil unrest, also linked to the police killings of Eric Garner in Staten Island and Tamir Rice, 12, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Outlets which covered the research, and the movements themselves, included one, Colorlines, which Soros himself has funded.

The slew of organizations reportedly created their own online ‘echo chamber’, by using their extensive social media presences to ‘like’, repost and comment on articles putting across their point of view.

The director of Soros’s fund said that they have no direct control over the groups they give to, and said they are all trying to improve accountability.


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