Donald Trump Campaign Tweets Photo of Mock Nazi Soldiers


donald trump nazi
On closer inspection, the soldiers in this Donald Trump campaign image are not American but bear Nazi insignia and uniform.

In the same hour an intern posted an American flag campaign graphic featuring Nazi re-enactors, a national poll placed Trump in first place among Republicans.

The real-estate mogul turned entertainer turned political rabble-rouser-in-chief tweeted a photo of himself on Tuesday – #MakeAmericaGreatAgain – which, upon closer inspection, revealed something shocking to his 3.2 million followers.

donald trump nazi tweet

Though the soldiers Photoshopped behind a red stripe of the American flag would seem to be members of the country’s armed forces, the soldiers actually have the SS eagle insignia on their arms. At least one of the troops is wearing the dot camouflage print associated with Nazis.

donald trump nazi soldiers

The campaign appears to have used a stock image – available online – of re-enactors, not actual SS soldiers.

donald trump nazi soldiers stock photo

That didn’t stop the Trump campaign from deleting its tweet and blaming the incident on “a young intern”.

In the same hour as the apparent Nazi imagery surfaced, USA Today released a poll showing that Trump is now the leading candidate for the Republican party’s presidential nomination.


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