Proof Ronald Reagan Was a Nazi Hitler Youth


Bruce and Jah Jah expose Nazi youth Republican false idol Ronald Reagan in their latest episode of “The Bruce Montalvo Show”

Did Reagan spend WW II in Hollywood or in Germany?. He told the Israeli prime minister he was at the liberation of Nazi death camps !

Reagan biographer Edmund Morris proposed an especially charitable explanation for Reagan’s misleading Holocaust claim, arguing that the images “so burned into his brain that later in life — quite understandably — he imagined he had been there at Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. If this is so then why does photo eveidence place Reagan at Ohrdruf and Buchenwald with Reagan appearing in Nazi regalia. This is proof that the 40th President of the United States is a hitler youth part of Operation Lebensborn to place Nazi descendants in positions of power that all came about because of Operation Paperclip establishing a Fourth Reich in America.



Crazy world we are living in- totally psy opped by the New world order, even the alternative news – yes- everywhere you look in mainstream and in alternative news, the positions are prescribed and filled.. there is no place for the independent artist. If you fight like myself you get robbed– if you dont back down you learn copyright law and get a gun!

Please support this truly underground track and pick it up off of iTunes or spread it thick to your peoples. I directed this video, and shot it myself -No one wrote my lyrics but me- totally edgey police state carnage with hot footage that I edited and directed. Peace  out -Ill be coming with the whole album soon – “Damage Control”

One – Jah Jah



The long awaited video to the 2nd single on Damage Control “Get your Guns Up”, available on iTunes




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