Jade Helm Symbol Represents Nazi Oppression Of Jews

jade-helmThe crossed arrows symbolize the Nazi swastika the dagger represents the Catholic Church with the Clog in the center a shoe that the Nazis forced the Jews to wear. Is the US Military spec ops preparing to round up American citizens while Army psyops stage false flag terror plots under the guise of continuity of government special forces training and manufactured crisis in the present day ?

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During WW2 1.1 million people were transported to Auschwitz; one million died. There were some Polish, Russians, gypsies, and homosexuals but a vast majority of these victims were Jews.

Of the 11 million Jews in Europe before the Nazis, six million died. To put this in perspective, in the US, only New York City has a population greater than 3.8 million. (Only NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston have metropolitan areas over six million.) The only reason that more were not killed is that the Germans literally could not round up and execute them any more quickly and efficiently.

– 70-80% of people were sent immediately to the gas chamber upon arrival. The “lucky” 20-30%–usually able-bodied men–were sentenced to slave labor and survived for an average of three months before succombing to disease or being executed.

– People were given one uniform which they could essentially never take off for any reason because it would be stolen immediately. Wet, dirty, soiled, or tattered, it was staying on. They had to wear wooden clogs which were not ideal for Poland’s harsh winters or hot summers.


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