Whitney Houston Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Exposed

RosemaryZBabyThis comes from right out of a scene of Rosemary’s Baby !

Whitney Houston was used by the Illuminati as a blood sacrifice to welcome Jay Z and Beyonces child Blue Ivy to their luciferic world.  (Blue Ivy symbolizing the color of the Freemasons ) Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter  is “Blue Ivy” Ivy represents fertility Eulb Yvi (Blue Ivy backwards) is the name of Lucifer’s daughter.

Pictures of Jay Z and Beyonces daughter were released days before Whitney’s death. A demon was being conjured before Whitneys death through rituals,  harnessing the energy of Whitney in her final days.

Clive Davis hired  the Illuminati Star Whackers to do the dirty work drowning Houston in a Bathtub while the Illuminati participated  in “the Holly and the Ivy” the basis of this ritual. The term Hollywood translates to Holy Wood. The Holy wood comes from Druid mysticism which also represents fertility.

Whitney Houston was worth over $150 million… it was rumored that Whitney was broke when she died living off handouts from Clive Davis.

The Illuminati and Church of Scientology programs the public to view celebrities  in a different status  when in comparison to the common individual. The Music industry considers their stars Kings and Queens  that’s why the industry coined the term royalties recording artists are paid royalties the term royal,means king and they demand their Kings and Queens to take the oath to worship the goat Baphomet to become royal!


In the end Clive Davis replaced Whitney with Jennifer Hudson.Whitney tried to warn her fellow artists that the Illuminati was targeting her.


The Illuminati watched Whitney throughout her entire career up until her demise. The Bodyguards subliminally suggestive cover shows the all seeing eye on a tombstone !

Many Illuminati artists contributed their dark energy to this sacrifice some even predicted it.

Eminem  Deja Vu Lyrics: So you can lie to Hailie
I’m goin’ beddy bye Whitney baby, good night Alaina

Go in the room and shut the bedroom door and wake up in an ambulance
They said they found me on the bathroom floor, damn


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