Jesuits Responsible For Creation Of The Great Seal Of America

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History writes that the Great Seal of America was given to Jesuit Thomas Jefferson in the dark of the night  around witching hour by a mysterious cloaked figure.  Jefferson ran back into the meeting place where they were working to present this to others, telling them about the mysterious man.  John Adams was there.  They ran back outside to find there was no trace of the mysterious cloaked figure to be found.
At the John Adams memorial in Washington DC a tribute to the cloaked figure who gave Jefferson and Adams the Great Seal can be seen.
The design of Washington, DC was established so the star Sirius rises over the Capital aligned with the Washington Monument on July Fourth.  In the Free Mason symbols, it’s the star that appears behind the pentagram.  It is said this is the star shining behind the All Seeing Eye on the Great Seal / back of the dollar bill.  The star arises behind and with the sun.  Secret societies associate it with God or as God.
  These connections to the star Sirius and the Great Seal are ment to represent their higher power “Lucifer”.  There is also a constellation that is known as a raptor, bird of prey.  Who was the “hooded man” who sent him? who told him to give that symbol to Thomas Jefferson ?
To exist in service of that God one had to be Catholic or die in that time.  The Templar had no choice but to be associated with that church. Working together  they both had everything to do with oppressing the innocent, murdering people and overthrowing governments.
Who are they, where did the come from?
Freemasonry arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century.
Knights Templar
however are much older and were active through 1119-1314.
he symbol and the meaning of this symbol represents Lucifer.  “All Seeing Eye”
1934 the Great Seal of America appeared on the dollar bill.
This symbol is used by the Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Bohemian club (composed of U.S. Presidents ) Masonic sorcerer  Aliester Crowley and secret societies such as Skull & Bones.

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